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Learning Pathways

Detrmining the learning pathways that lead to acquiring success

The Next Level in education

Sapience determines the learning pathways that lead to acquiring success where learners gain knowledge through different disciplines essential in the modern world. Sapience believes that learning pathways play a significant role in providing a route map to acquire the objective of learning. Learners can develop knowledge and form a systematic approach to their thinking.Sapience offers Abacus (Mental Arithmetic) and Vedic Maths which together enables learners to develop concentration , memory and visualization helping them enhance critical thinking. Sapience also offers teaching the art of reading and writing in English, command over other international languages that includes German, French, Mandarin equivalent to English.

Apart from these, education regarding science which develops knowledge of learners through testable explanation and real-life practical demonstrations. Our sophisticated program also trains the learner to code computer languages and develop in robotics technology which leads to command over mechanics and engineering innovations. Sapience also enhances handwriting skills, helping learners advance their writing skills. Sapience believes in the fact that learners can improve their handwriting through regular practice which deteriorates due to excessive use of electronic gadgets. Sapience handwriting exercise enables learners to keep their focus on making their letters legible. The Sapience also prepares learners for SAT and ACT college entrance exams to build their career.

Sapience is just not another institution teaching monotonus learning ways. Sapience creates an environment for kids to work hard and play hard by involving them in activities that both enhance and relax their brains.