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Teaching Methodology

Providing systematic approach to learners

The Next Level in education

Sapience provides a systematic approach to learners which make them independent in planning and carry out investigations on their own. In this respect, Sapience has employed the best way to acquire their objective through adopting a scientific method in teaching which develops the aspect of critical thinking.

Teaching learners through scientific method enables them to think like a scientist who investigates logically before drawing the conclusion. In fact, this method helps to identify different learning styles of learners in order to meet their required standard. It is important to acknowledge the fact that scientific method helps to identify learning issues of learners which cater through effective counselling in order to reduce its adverse effect on the capabilities of learners such as learner who fear exams and lose interest in learning.

Sapience has employed experienced teachers who guide learners in acquiring knowledge in the disciplines offered to them. Sapience believes in the fact that teaching and learning can become spontaneous and student-centred when knowledge invests beside course content. In this regard, Sapience conduct competitions such as story writing where learners get a chance to broaden their vision to express ideas. This enables to improve their writing skills and learn about the different perspective of others. In this way, Sapience keeps its focus not only on the teaching of the course content but involve learners in other activities that engage them to make a link with the real world and practically implement knowledge to improve communal society. Learners have the opportunity to get involve in to various brain games which keep them occupied and help them cultivate skills keeping the element of fun alive.