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After School Program – Frias Elementary School

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@ Frias Elementary School

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Most Unique, effective & Valuable Program

The unique impact of abacus on children

Develops & Refines Photographic Memory

Improves attention & Concentration

Strengthens math Skills

Gains Interest & Confidence in Learning

Ensure total familiarity with each concept

Create the confidence any student needs to become fluent in math for everyday life

Significantly improves the grades of each student

Build a strong foundation to smoothly progress to a higher grade

Make Math your Friend, not your foe!

Make reading INTERESTING, not BORING.

help your kids with their homework regardless of the subject or grade level!

We work with students on identifying gaps, coaching concepts, and ultimately educating students to the point of self-sufficiency. Students will get attention from Sapience teachers to ensure their homework is completed and that your child has a strong understanding of the material.

Clarification on School Holidays

For all weekly after-school programs:

If there are any school holidays or non-student days, parents will have an option to come to the SAPIENCE Learning Center on that day between 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM to attend their enrolled sessions.
*Day Camp fee will be applied if they choose to stay for All Day Camp at SAPIENCE Learning Center*

After hours 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM - $5 per day per student

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