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School Partnership Program

School Partnership Program


We have partnered with schools all around the world for one common mission. Improve communities through providing impactful unique education while monetarily benefiting schools so they can further invest into supporting their communities.

Our partnerships with schools have allowed to us to train thousands of students in our renowned specialities; Mental Math & Coding.


Introduction to Programming is an online programming course for kids and beginners of all ages to learn basic programming from the safety and comfort of their homes with PictoBlox, a graphical programming software evolved from Scratch. This online programming course for kids has been created with the aim of ensuring that they make the most of this time to learn something useful while having fun so that their learning isn’t affected and they can bounce back stronger when things get back on track.

  • -Scratch programming for kids to make learning interactive and playful
  • -Kids will create their own programs, animations, and games from day 1
  • -25+ learning hours including live tutoring sessions
  • -COVID-19 themed challenge to sensitize kids to the current situation


Our Mental Math training is perfect from kids ages 5-17 and has been widely recognized for its impact on children cognitive skills and calculation abilities. Children will learn how to calculate longs equations including concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication division, fractions, decimals, square roots, cube roots and more all in their head with no calculator nor writing tools. The impact of our mental math training on children can seem impossible until you see a child that has went through the training with your own eyes. Children learn to perform difficult mental calculations at speeds faster than a calculator, and we want to share this incredible learning experience with our students!

– Refines photographic memory

– Improves attention & concentration

– Empowers Mathematical Ability

– Builds interest & confidence in learning

– Enhances imagination & visualization

– Strengthens Learning Ability

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