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Current CHALLENGE for parents & students this school year

Due to the unprecedented circumstances schools will rely heavily on virtual education

With most parents lacking the time and skillset to assist their children, many students will experience one of more of the following issues:

Children are unfocused and not in an appropriate learning environment


Children are not using proper equipment correctly during their virtual session

Poor internet/ No headset or broken headsets

Children are unsupervised during their virtual session

this can lead to misbehavior and kids miss-use of the computer during session

SOLUTION for parents & students this school year

Sapience is offering a school support day care at our learning center throughout the school year - 7:30 AM to 3 PM

In this parents will drop off their children at our conveniently located physical learning center before their virtual classes starts and pick students up after school

Parents can also opt in to Drop off early & Pick them up late at an additional Fee.

Students will work in a clean, quiet, and ultimately a great environment for learning by utilizing the Sapience centers multiple high quality class-rooms and workshops areas

Sapience will provide students highspeed internet, good quality headsets, and supervision to ensure students are focused on their virtual sessions

Operational Safety Measure

Adherence to CDC guidelines​ 100%
All staff wearing masks and gloves at all times​ 100%
Limiting capacity in each room to sub 40% 100%
Temperature check upon entrance of the center​ 100%
Student sanitation upon entrance of the center​​ 100%
Sanitization of all materials and centers 4 times per day​ 100%
Installed hand sanitizers stations as child height levels throughout the center and classrooms​ 100%
Only students allowed in learning area; adults pick-up and drop-off outside of learning area 100%
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