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School Supervision & Support Day Program

Sapience is offering a educational school support day camp at our learning center throughout the school year.
We EXPECT students participating in our program to outperform other students due to the increased focus and support of the Sapience teachers during and after their virtual sessions

The Sapience Solution

The Sapience is a world-class youth education organization that has successfully trained thousands of students all across the world both virtually and through our phsyical learning centers. The Sapience  emphasizes the goal of uniting our top of the line instructors with your children to illuminate their minds by operating with an overarching focus on two key elements that are critical to a child’s life long success:

  1. 1. Enhancing children’s cognitive and metacognitive abilities
  2. 2. Providing education on subjects that are critical to our children’s future

Most Popular Programs

School Day Support

Solution for parents & students this coming school year Sapience is offering a educational school support day camp at our learning center throughout the school year.

Comprehensive Learning

Customized classes and personal attention means that everything is catered exactly to the needs of each individual students.

Abacus Mental Math

With this training children will enhance their cognitive ability while drastically improving their calculation ability.

Math Advancement

We’ve carefully crafted our Math Advancement Program to realize that goal. A solid foundation builds the confidence you need to make your math class a breeze.

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My kids are enrolled in other tutoring center for years since they were 3 years old before I switch them to Sapience, the reason I did switched is because I saw that they are being bored, and I felt that they are not learning enough for what they are capable off, I found Sapience last summer of 2020, the owner and staff are very nice and very professional, they explained the courses they offer with clarity and how they teach the kids, I gave them a try over the summer and I like how they treat my kids with Respect and Discipline, when the pandemic hit and the school closed for virtual learning , I enrolled my daughter for the school day program and I was worried because it will be all day on the computer and I don’t know if she can handle sitting for long hours on the desk, but the owner and staff reassure me with confidence, that she will do great ,and they will keep an eye her to make sure that she won’t get distracted, they help her with her homework and also help her with the computer technical problems (which everyone knows happens all the time), her grades has improved a lot since and she now has more confidence in her work . I also enrolled both of my kids to the mental math program they have, and I must say that my kids are very happy and very interested on doing their abacus!!, I must say my son is good in Math and Science the only thing is that, pushing him to do the work is a bit of a challenge for me sometimes, but when I enrolled him to the mental math, I saw alot of improvements not just for my son, but both of my kids attitudes, they are always discipline when it comes to everything but kids will be kids , they will try everything under the sun not do the work. Sapience did not just teach the kids , they discipline, direct, and coach them from how they talk, write , sit in the chair. For my kids they can learn anything and everything but without proper Discipline you cannot retain and understand what you learned. Sapience understand the kids, they talk to the kids. I don’t think I can find any center that cares about the children. Please keep up the wonderful work helping our children learn and achieve their goals!!!

Jhoy Walker

I was looking for a math tutoring center here in Vegas and one of my close friends recommended me this place. I must say, sapience has really taken a very good care of my son and he has improved so much since the day of his admission. I would highly recommend this place.

Robert Vandorn

Teachers are very good . Earlier I was in dilemma of opting for online abacus class but after first demo class I was convinced as the methodology adopted by sapience is perfect.. They took care of each n every child.. give personal attention to every child as we expect in offline one to one class.. resolve all queries of students n parents both..

Garima Naharia

“I am amazed by the progress my 9yr old daughter has made in Math with Sapience tutoring! She started getting A’s on test and it’s no longer a struggle to get her to do her math homework at home. Thank you Sapience Team!”

Pradeep Manjeshwar

My kid was having issues with socializing so much in the school that I had to take him visit parks and interact with other children. It was also hampering his lessons in the school. One day while surfing on the web I stumbled upon this institute and I contacted them right away. I am so happy to state that since the date of his admission in sapience he has become a lot freer and associating with his fellow study-mates so well. It also helped him in his studies as this institute has the perfect vibe to balance the studying with playing.

Maria Wilson
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