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Sapience Summer Math Program – Grade 6

Sapience Summer Math Program
Course Structure
6th Grade

Integer and Rational numbers


Lesson 1: Integers

Session 1 (60 min)
On the number line
Comparing integers

Session 2 (60 min)
Rules to add integers
Rules to subtract integers

Session 3 (60 min)
Rules to multiply integers
Rules to divide integers

Session 4 (60 min)
Order of Operations

Lesson 2: Positive Rational Numbers


Session 1 (90 min)
Divisibility rules (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10)
Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Factor
Simplify Fractions

Session 2 (60 min)
Improper fractions and Mixed Number conversion
Fraction and Decimal conversion
Patterns for special fractions

Session 3 (60 min)
Rules to add and subtract decimal numbers

Session 4 (60 min)
Rules to multiply and divide decimal numbers

Session 5 (60 min)
Rules to add and subtract fractional numbers

Session 6 (60 min)
Rules to multiply and divide fractional numbers

Lesson 3: The Four Quadrants

Session 1 (90 min)
Parts to the Cartesian plane
Naming and graphing points
Analyzing graphs

Assessment (60 min)
80% Accuracy

Determining Unknown Quantities


Lesson 1: Expressions

Session 1 (45 min)
Identify parts of an expression (e.g. Terms, coefficient, exponent, etc.)
Math Properties (e.g.Associative, commutative, distributive, etc.)

Session 2 (45 min)
Simplify and combine like terms

Session 3 (45 min)
Write algebraic equations and expressions from phrases

Lesson 2: Solve Single Step Equations and Inequalities

Session 1 (45 min)
Solve single step equations with variables

Session 2 (60 min)
Solve single step inequalities with variables
Graph inequalities on a number line

Assessment (60 min)
80% Accuracy

Relating Quantities


Lesson 1: Ratios

Session 1 (60 min)
Meaning of ratio and the different ways to represent one
Comparing quantities in the form of a ratio

Session 2 (60 min)
Diagrams (double number lines, proportions, tables, graphs) are used to solve unknown values

Lesson 2: Percent

Session 1 (60 min)
Meaning of percent and converting between a percent, fraction, and decimal

Session 2 (60 min)
Find the whole given a percent and the part
Find the part given a percent and the whole
Find the percent given the whole and part

Lesson 3: Unit Rates and Conversions

Session 1 (45 min)
Find unit rates and unit prices to compare different ratios

Session 2 (60 min)
Convert metric units
Convert customary units
Convert between metric and customary

Assessment (60 min)
80% Accuracy

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