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Sapience Summer Math Program – Grade 7

Sapience Summer Math Program
Course Structure
7th Grade

Operating with Signed Numbers

Lesson 1: Operations with Rational Numbers

Session 1 (90 min)
Operations with Integers
Operations with Positive Rational Numbers (non-negative solutions)

Session 2 (60 min)
Add and Subtract Signed Rational Numbers

Session 3 (60 min)
Multiply and Divide Signed Rational Numbers

Session 4 (45 min)
Order of Operations

Assessment (45 min)
80% Accuracy

Reasoning Algebraically

Lesson 1: Algebraic Expressions

Session 1 (60 min)
Distributive Property
Factoring Linear Expressions

Session 2 (45 min)
Order of Operations to Simplify Algebraic Expressions

Lesson 2: Two-Step Equations and Inequalities

Session 1 (60 min)
Solve Single Step Equations
Solve two Step Equations

Session 2 (60 min)
Solve Single Step Inequalities
Solve Two Step Inequalities
Graph Inequalities on a number line

Lesson 3: Graphing Linear Functions

Session 1 (90 min)
Identifying Functions
Identifying Linear Functions
Identify and calculate Slopes from Graphs and points

Session 2 (90 min)
Graph Linear Functions by Plotting Points
Graph Linear Functions from Slope-Intercept form

Session 3 (90 min)
Write equations from a graph
Write equations from a given point and slope
Write equations from two given points

Assessment (60 min)
80% Accuracy

Thinking Proportionally


Lesson 1: Proportional Relationships

Session 1 (60 min)
Convert Between Fractions, Decimals, and Percent
Compare Ratios and Rates

Session 2 (60 min)
Solve percent problems (some % of the whole is a part. Any one of these values can be an unknown)
Solve discounted and taxed prices
Percent of change

Lesson 2: Proportionality

Session 1 (60 min)
Identify Direct Variation
Write equations of Direct Variation
Graph Direct Variation

Session 2 (45 min)
Solve proportions using equivalent ratios
Solve scale drawings

Session 3 (60 min)
Parts of a circle (Center, radius, diameter, circumference)
Deriving Pi
Find area and circumference of circles

Assessment (45 min)
80% Accuracy

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