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Sapience Summer Math Program – Grade 8

Sapience Summer Math Program
Course Structure
8th Grade

Applying Powers


Lesson 1: Exponents and Rules

Session 1 (45 min)
Meaning of Exponent
Exponent Rules for Products and Quotients

Session 2 (45 min)
Exponent Rule for Powers Raised to a Power
Negative and Zero Exponents

Session 3 (60 min)
Meaning of Radicals and Fractional Exponents
Simplifying Expressions with Exponents

Lesson 2: Scientific Notation

Session 1 (30 min)
Convert Between Standard and Scientific Notation

Session 2 (45 min)
Convert scientific number to have a different coefficients and exponents
Comparing Numbers with Scientific Notation
Operations with Scientific Notation

Assessment (45 min)
80% Accuracy

Expanding Number Systems

Lesson 1: Rational and Irrational Numbers

Session 1 (45 min)
Introduction to Irrational Numbers
Identify Irrational Numbers vs. Rational Numbers

Session 2 (45 min)
Identify what two Integers Non-Perfect Square Roots Fall Between
Order Irrational and Rational Numbers

Lesson 2: Pythagorean Theorem

Session 1 (60 min)
Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the Leg or Hypotenuse of a Right Triangle
Verify if Measurements Create Right Triangles with Pythagorean Theorem

Session 2 (60 min)
Derive Distance Formula on the Coordinate Plane
Find the Distance between Two Points

Assessment (45 min)
80% Accuracy

Developing Functional Foundations

Lesson 1: Introduction to Functions

Session 1 (60 min)
Classify data and graphs as Functions or Non-Functions
Identify Characteristics of Functions from a graph (e.g. Maximums, minimums, intercepts, domain, and range)
Definition of Slope as Rate of Change

Lesson 2: Linear Functions

Session 1 (60 min)
Graph Linear Functions in Slope-Intercept Form
Graph Linear Functions in Standard Form

Session 2 (60 min)
Write linear equations from a graph
Write linear equations from a given point and slope

Session 3 (45 min)
Write linear equations from two given points
Write linear equations from a table

Lesson 3: Lines of Best Fit

Session 1 (45 min)
Estimate the Line of Best Fit from a scatter plot
Predict an outcome from the Line of Best Fit

Assessment (60 min)
80% Accuracy

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