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Don’t just play games, Create them

code coding training makes learning a playful experience by enlightening young minds about new-age tech while empowering them with 21st century skills so that they can excel in a tech-ruled future!

Scroll below to learn about our terrific youth coding training programs & our free virtual youth coding intro class (Ages 7+) where children will learn how to create their own games & animations! Register for that free class!

Introduction to Programming is an online programming course for kids and beginners of all ages to learn basic programming from the safety and comfort of their homes with PictoBlox, a graphical programming software evolved from Scratch. This online programming course for kids has been created with the aim of ensuring that they make the most of this time to learn something useful while having fun so that their learning isn’t affected and they can bounce back stronger when things get back on track.

Scratch programming for kids to make learning interactive and playful Kids will create their own programs, animations, and games from day 1 25+ learning hours including live tutoring sessions COVID-19 themed challenge to sensitize kids to the current situation

Introduction to Programming
Online Programming Course for Kids

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