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Sapience Summer Math Program

Sapience Summer Math Program

Be a champion from day one in the next school year

Math isn’t just numbers. Math includes the study of space, structure, quantity, and change. Learning math skills helps to develop logical reasoning. It is an essential subject, and a good math grade is the strongest indicator of a student’s overall performance. Setting the foundations for excellence early on can open the doors for a lifetime of success.

The Sapience offers a head start, teaching pertinent math courses applicable now and in the future. It’s easier to maintain a good grade than to reverse a failing one. Give your child an advantage now so that you won’t need to catch up later.

Is it easier to change, or to stay the same?

Change is hard, and takes time. If you wait for help until you’re already behind, you’re faced with a difficult task of changing, and only a short time to do it. You have to build new habits and work hard just to keep up. You’re rewarded only with a barely passing grade. Class becomes a constant struggle with no feeling of reward. Students learn that if they try their best, they can be mediocre.

However, If we change the mentality early on and start with a good grade, then your task is not nearly as difficult. All you have to do is keep doing what you are already doing. You get rewarded with good grades simply for staying the same. Classes become engaging, and learning is interesting. Excelling become part of your identity, and becomes automatic. You create a positive feedback loop. This is how you become a champion.

Course Features

Set your goals - A Wide variety of courses for students at every skill level, K-8

Sharpen your skills -
1-on-1 lessons to create optimal learning conditions for each student

Build your confidence - Curriculum built based on 1st quarter school lessons to prepare for the upcoming school year

Ensure your success - Guaranteed to pass the assessment, with free extra sessions as needed

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Our lessons are based on the materials and curriculums of the first semester of public and private schools.

Unfortunately, we find it best that students complete their homework at home. If they have questions regarding their assignment, they are always free to ask, and we would be glad to help.

Each teacher on our team is trained, qualified, and certified to teach your children. They also enjoy learning from students as much as teaching them.

Our teachers are required to evaluate student progress after every session. Also, we invite parents to schedule an appointment with us for an in-depth evaluation of their children’s progress.

Courses must be scheduled ahead, but can be given at any rate. For most students we recommend 3 sessions a week.

Extra lessons will be provided for students who score less than 80% on the assessment for each unit

Students can be placed in advanced grade levels based on a placement assessment. However, for maximum effectiveness we recommend 1-on-1 custom tutoring.

Yes! This program is designed to get students ahead of the curve, so that every lesson in their school becomes review. If they are significantly behind their grade level, we would also recommend our math advancement program, or 1-on-1 tutoring.

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program Course Structure - Elementary School

program course Structure - Middle School

Math camp - Prepare for next school year

Unit 1 – Counting and Cardinality: Comparing Numbers between 1 and 10

4hrs 45mins –  $199.99

Unit 2 – Operations and Algebraic Thinking: Addition between 1 and 10: Part 1

4hrs 45mins –  $199.99

Unit 3 – Operations and Algebraic Thinking: Subtraction between 1 and 10: Part 1

4hrs 45mins –  $199.99

Bundle Price: $539.99

Unit 1 – Numbers in Base Ten: Understand Place Value

7hrs –  $299.99

Unit 2 – Operations and Algebraic Thinking: Add within 20 

7hrs –  $299.99

Unit 3 – Operations and Algebraic Thinking: Subtract within 20

7hrs –  $299.99

Bundle Price: $799.99

Unit 1 – Numbers in Base Ten: Place Value 

7hrs –  $299.99

Unit 2 – Numbers in Base Ten: Addition: Part 1 

7hrs –  $299.99

Unit 3 – Numbers in Base Ten: Subtraction: Part 1 

7hrs –  $299.99

Bundle Price: $799.99

Unit 1 – Operations and Algebraic Thinking: Multiplication

7hrs –  $299.99

Unit 2 – Operations and Algebraic Thinking: Division

7hrs –  $299.99

Unit 3 – Numbers in Base 10: Fractions: Part 1 

7hrs –  $299.99

Bundle Price: $799.99

Unit 1 – Numbers in Base Ten: Place Value and Number Sense

9hrs –  $399.99

Unit 2 – Operations and Algebraic Thinking: Solving problems with all 4 operations

9hrs –  $399.99

Unit 3 – Numbers and Operations: Fraction Equivalence

9hrs –  $399.99

Bundle Price: $999.99

Unit 1 – Numbers in Base 10: Place Value & Number Sense

9hrs –  $399.99

Unit 2 – Numbers in Base 10: Multiplication of Whole Numbers

9hrs –  $399.99

Unit 3 – Number and Operations: Fractions: Addition and Subtraction 

9hrs –  $399.99

Bundle Price: $999.99

Unit 1 – Integer and Rational numbers

12hrs 45mins –  $549.99

Unit 2 – Determining Unknown Quantities

4hrs 45mins –  $219.99

Unit 3 – Relating Quantities

6hrs 45mins –  $299.99

Bundle Price: $989.99

Unit 1 – Operating with Signed Numbers

5hrs –  $219.99

Unit 2 – Reasoning Algebraically

9hrs 15mins –  $399.99

Unit 3 – Thinking Proportionally

5hrs 30mins –  $249.99

Bundle Price: $779.99

Unit 1 – Applying Powers

4hrs 30mins –  $199.99

Unit 2 – Expanding Number Systems

4hrs 15mins –  $199.99

Unit 3 – Developing Functional Foundations

5hrs 30mins –  $249.99

Bundle Price: $589.99

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