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100% Free Mental Math InITIAL TRAINING - Ages 5 - 8

100% Free Mental Math INITIAL TRAINING - Ages 8 - 15

The Unique Impact of abacus on Children

Abacus is our primary memory program utilize to develop cognitive skills in children and has been a proven method for thousands of years by the highest functioning societies throughout the world's history.

Our Goal is to stimulate the right and left brain hemispheres by the training children to visualize the abacus beads while solving various arithmetic problems. This exercise will enhance their brain and strength many skills and abilities: retention, confidence, interest in learning and imagination and visualization.
The impact of Abacus on children can seen impossible until you see a chlid that has went through the training with your own eyes. Children learn to perform difficult mental calculation at speeds faster than a calculator, and we want to share this incredible learning experiences with our students !

Develops & Refines Photograpics Memory

Improves attention & Concentration

Strengthens math Skills

Gains Interest & Confidence in Learning

Empowers Imagination & Visulization

Enhances Learning Ability

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Interactive module

Brain Games

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