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Virtual Classroom Guidelines

Virtual Classroom Guidelines

Alignment & discipline are two key ingredients in creating champions; let’s work together

Desktop, Laptop, i-Pad, Tablet, Smartphones all are fine. (If Smartphones, you need to additionally purchase the Hardcopy of the Study Material) 

Please make sure your internet connectivity is working properly.

Please make sure your browser is up to date (Reminder: preferred browser is Google Chrome.)

Please ensure your web camera, speakers & microphone (headphones are reccomended,) is properly functioning and is turned on immediately upon entering class 

Please check for clearing any cookies and cache on your web browser in you occur any technical issues

Please arrive to your lesson 10 Minutes before the class start time; this will ensure students to get the most our of each lesson.

  • Trainer cannot repeat sections of information if student is late in class as this impacts the progress of the entire class.

Turn the video ON immediately upon joining the session, Do NOT turn off the video during your session.

No eating or drinking during your session.

Arrive to the virtual session dressed appropriately.

Please keep your system muted until asked by trainer to do otherwise.

Be focused during the session, avoid all distractions at home.

DO NOT leave the class without trainers permission.

If there is any gap in understanding for students during the time they are doing performing homework, students should make a note and address this issue with their Sapience trainer before their next class begins

Maintain the classroom decorum.

  • Raise your hand when requesting trainers attention.

Use the following hand gestures for communication:

  • YES, thumps up.
  • NO, thumps down.

When trainer requests student to “STOP” working during classwork; Student will signify how many answers they were able to answer within the time limit; they will communicate the amount to their teacher using finger method.

Do not utilize the Zoom Chat feature unless specifically requested by the class trainer; instead use the appropriate hand gestures; wave to teacher

Wait for the trainer to signify for you to speak before speaking


Please ensure your child is in an environment where they can focus on the session at hand  (Limited background noise/etc)

Please help students to Log into Virtual Class ( Zoom & Digital Classwork )

For 1 MPH & 5 MPH Parents/Students

    • Please stay with your child or nearby for the first few classes while the child acclimates to the enviroment
  • For 10 MPH & up Parents/Students

    • Please allow your child the space to be independent during their class. Help them log in but during the session give them space so they can appropriately focus on the trainers instruction


Zoom Link that is intially shared (at beginning of your registration), will be active for your childs entire 1 Circuit/Level.

Please refrain from giving feedback/communicating during the class; let the student directly interact with trainers, this will ultimately help the student to get trained in the most effective manner.

Always check your email from to access your up to date credentials. (Check your Junk and SPAM folder as well)

Any immediate issues during the class; Please signify to trainer use hand wave and wait to communicate until trainer requests. Please communicate with patience. If needed will  provide an extra free class and a parent/teacher meeting.

Any concerns/suggestion regarding the student performance or quality of session, please communicate by email at your earliest convenience at You will be receive a reply within 24 Hours.

    • Please be sure to mention students full name and team name in subject line.

Trainers are to always exhibit the upmost patience with students with control of emotions that are aligned with the best interest of our students

Trainers will always answer all questions of students related to training as needed, one by one. Trainers will always make on-site decisions regarding the “pace” or “speed” of the class in alignment with whats best for the majority of students 

    • If student is struggling following along, connect with our student success team at and we will work on a solution whether that be a make up class or other wise
      • Please submit feedback to admin about any performance issues of any student.
      • Please let admin know if any student needs a free practice session.
  • GPB – Guided Practice Book – Classwork

1.This book is to be worked with the teacher during the session.

2.Please submit book immediately at the end of each session.

3.The students performance in this area isn’t necessarily connected to the systems  “grading or percentage correct”. This is simply used as  guidance for teaching staff.  Since the class is still underway, the concept is still being learned, so it is more than reasonable to see incorrect answers.

    • The correct % is connected to performance during the independent practice books

IPB – Independent Practice Book – Homework

1.This book contains 5 day of work which should  be done without any help of trainer or parents.

2.Each individual “day of work” has to be completed in one in one unique day

3.Each day of work should be submitted that day; please ensure students do not wait to submit the books until the last day

4.In case of any doubts or diffcultites in comeplted the practice sheets please email at

    • Otherwise please be sure to discuss this at the beginning of next session. 

Thanks for your understanding!

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