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Visualization is the ability through which an image that is created in the mind of an individual and that has a perception about his/her surrounding. It is also known as the skill to represent the information, data or process in the form of mental pictures.


Visualization is a resultant of the functioning of right brain, this means the Abacus enhances the right side of brain by incorporating the knack of visualizing images.   


Many sports stars and celebrities attribute their success to the visualization of some kind. Visualization is a tool not only to do complex math mentally but also as a focusing method. Visualization helps students achieve maximum mental functioning states that are the hallmark of each and every high achiever.


  • – Imagine that there is an abacus in front of you.  
  • – Calculate using your imaginary abacus.  
  • – Visualize the numbers in the abacus form.  
  • – Always try their best and maintain focus.  
  • – Not to worry if visualization is too challenging, tell them it is common for students to struggle in the beginning.  
  • – Memorize the combinations, as that will greatly improve the visualization skills.  
  • – It is ok to see the abacus and to visualize at the same time in the BEGINNING.
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