School Supervision & Support Day Program
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School Supervision & Support Day Program

Sapience is offering a educational school support day camp at our learning center throughout the school year.
We EXPECT students participating in our program to outperform other students due to the increased focus and support of the Sapience teachers during and after their virtual sessions

The Sapience Solution

The Sapience is a world-class youth education organization that has successfully trained thousands of students all across the world both virtually and through our phsyical learning centers. The Sapience  emphasizes the goal of uniting our top of the line instrucotrs with your children to illuminate their minds by operating with an overarching focus on two key elements that are critical to a child’s life long success:

  1. 1. Enhancing children’s cognitive and metacognitive abilities
  2. 2. Providing education on subjects that are critical to our children’s future

Most Popular Programs

School Day Support

Solution for parents & students this coming school year Sapience is offering a educational school support day camp at our learning center throughout the school year.

Comprehensive Learning

Customized classes and personal attention means that everything is catered exactly to the needs of each individual students.

Abacus Mental Math

With this training children will enhance their cognitive ability while drastically improving their calculation ability.

Math Advancement

We’ve carefully crafted our Math Advancement Program to realize that goal. A solid foundation builds the confidence you need to make your math class a breeze.

Student Demonstration Video's

Just after 16 classes

Just after 32 classes

Just after 48 classes

Brain Exercise Sport

In-Person Classroom

Amazing Performance

Our Champions


My 4th grader uses them for online tutoring and he really loves it. He’s improved and loves his instructor. Thanks!!!!

Seaux Shay

I was looking for a math tutoring center here in Vegas and one of my close friends recommended me this place. I must say, sapience has really taken a very good care of my son and he has improved so much since the day of his admission. I would highly recommend this place.

Robert Vandorn

What an excellent staff and program!! I wish I knew about this and knew enough to send my other three kids. Mathnasium makes math fun and my girl has learned a lot. It’s so much fun a leverage point or threatened punishment is that she won’t get to go to Mathnasium – I never considered learning math as having that type of power.

Donna Harris

“I am amazed by the progress my 9yr old daughter has made in Math with Sapience tutoring! She started getting A’s on test and it’s no longer a struggle to get her to do her math homework at home. Thank you Sapience Team!”

Pradeep Manjeshwar

My kid was having issues with socializing so much in the school that I had to take him visit parks and interact with other children. It was also hampering his lessons in the school. One day while surfing on the web I stumbled upon this institute and I contacted them right away. I am so happy to state that since the date of his admission in sapience he has become a lot freer and associating with his fellow study-mates so well. It also helped him in his studies as this institute has the perfect vibe to balance the studying with playing.

Maria Wilson
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