Reading Enrichment Program – Make reading INTERESTING, not BORING.

Did you know that 83% of students drop out of school because they struggle with math? At Sapience, Reading broadens children’s horizons by introducing them to a world beyond their own, exposing them to diverse experiences and new ideas. It is without a doubt an unparalleled form of education. At Sapience, we strive to empower students to enhance their reading fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary, enabling them to apply these valuable skills in various aspects of their lives. Our ultimate objective is to establish a strong foundation of excellence and cultivate a positive and lasting connection between children and reading.

We’ve thoughtfully crafted our Reading Enrichment program with that objective in mind. Each session, lasting 90 minutes, immerses students in engaging reading material followed by comprehension packets, ensuring a thorough understanding of the content without any gaps or imperfections. The investment of time in this program will surely yield lifelong benefits. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to elevate your child’s reading, writing, and communication abilities with Sapience.



Building a practice of regularly immersing in stories promotes concentration and focus skills in children, preparing them to effectively engage with different media sources and follow basic instructions both in school and at home.


Reading books effectively enhances your child’s memory by immersing them in a narrative filled with diverse characters, settings, and intricate details, which require attention and recall. Through this process, their memory sharpens, and they form a deeper connection with the text.


Viewing reading as mental exercise nurtures your child’s learning abilities, with the brain reaping increasing benefits from regular engagement, just like physical exercise. As children immerse themselves in reading, they experience gradual enhancements in comprehension skills and vocabulary, as practice truly leads to progress.


Mastering a subject turns school lessons into enriching reviews, while tests become exciting opportunities to demonstrate expertise and elevate confidence. A solid foundation of knowledge and skills not only leads to academic excellence but also fosters the assurance to embrace and conquer new challenges.



Reading enhances both comprehension and analytical thinking skills. As you delve into a story, you not only anticipate the outcome but also stimulate your mind to explore alternative possibilities, fostering a dynamic and imaginative thought process.


Reading serves as a gateway to exploring our emotions and building empathy. Through immersing ourselves in a story, we develop a deeper understanding of the emotions and experiences of the characters. This expanded emotional awareness allows us to better relate to others and foster a genuine sense of empathy towards them.


Active listening and reading help children develop essential language and enunciation skills. Reading aloud strengthens their language abilities, expands vocabulary, and cultivates eloquence. Reading plays a crucial role in facilitating language acquisition for children interested in learning a new language.


Reading sparks our imagination by allowing us to create vivid mental images, immersing ourselves in the events of each chapter and forging a personal connection with the characters, thus intertwining our emotions with theirs.

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