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Learning is not a one size fits all solution. School classes have inflexible schedules and large classroom sizes that can lead to certain students, or even certain styles of learning, going overlooked entirely. We are here to make up that difference. Customized classes and personal attention means that everything is catered exactly to the needs of each individual students. Give your student the attention they need to excel with Sapience.

We ensure that the teacher’s full, undivided attention is on the student they’re working with in order to guarantee the optimal results for each session. Personalized attention allows each tutor to carefully find even the smallest details that students may be struggling with, and create customized lesson plans to enhance students learning and target their unique needs and style of learning.

The same personalized services, available from the comfort of your own home. Learn on your schedule with flexible hours, totally interchangeable between in-person at our learning centers and virtual lessons.

Our team of expert teachers is built around providing the full range of support to students. From core subjects like reading and math to specialized topics like coding and language, we have staff available for any school subject, at any level of learning, K-12. It’s a one-stop shop for all your students needs.

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