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The Next Step in Education.

The Sapience is a brain development and learning center that enriches students and revolutionizes education with its unique programs.

We want to help both struggling and talented students reach their full potential by providing them lessons and techniques that empower and strengthen their academic and non-academic skills and abilities. Additionally, the Sapience tutors and educates students on a variety of subjects: Math, English, History, Science, and many more. The Sapience also employs teaching methods that are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world, which focuses on enhancing cognition through mental math. This, however, is uncommon in the United States.

Why is SAPIENCE necessary ?

The future of the ever-advancing world should require our children to develop advanced cognitive abilities and acquire knowledge of the forthcoming advancements, as these skills will prove necessary for their personal and work life.

Even children in the best school districts, under the guidance of the best teachers that complete the K-12 curriculum, publicly or privately, are at a loss as adults because they lack the foundational understanding, confidence, and interest in many of the taught subjects.

Mission Statement

Utilizing the combination of our ancient
methodology and advanced technology, the knowledge and wisdom
we offer will shape our students for success.


Stimulate our learners’ cognitive skills using our unique methodology.


Abacus and Vedic Math develops and enhances concentration, memory, and visualization, improving critical thinking and cognition.

Learners Benefits

The Sapience examines the disciplines of STEM to stimulate critical thinking and enhance reading and writing skills. Learners will also gain the ability to speak pertinent foreign languages: German, French, Chinese, Spanish, and much more. In addition, we prepare our students for the SAT and other various aptitude tests. Another benefit is our E-Library, a resourceful, fun learning tool that is available for use anytime and anywhere.

Learning Skills

Community Benefits

Business Advocates Program

Our sponsors are dedicated to providing free memberships to less fortunate children; in addition, they offer the program as a reward for academic excellence.​

Education Creates Hope

Abraham Lincoln stressed the importance of education, suggesting its positive impact on society while stating, “The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation is the philosophy of government in the next.”​

The Sapience Standard

The Sapience staff communicates with the school district staff to improve education standards. This improves the educational experience for all students.

The Partner Schools Trust

Learning Pathways

At Sapience, we want more than just simply teaching students. We want to inspire their passions, provoke their imaginations, hone their instincts, and build a habit of seeking knowledge.
Critical thinking is a key component in any student’s learning development. Anyone can simply memorize facts, but our goal is to go a step further, to equip students with the tools and abilities needed to go out into the world and discover their own knowledge outside the bounds of what they’ve been taught. By having the confidence to think critically about what they know, they will be able to automatically apply the knowledge they already have in order to solve new problems and complete complex tasks.

Teaching Methodology

Our way of teaching at Sapience is to not just focus on ability, but confidence and skill. We don’t simply train students to be able to do something, we ensure complete mastery of the subject. This builds the total confidence needed to approach new challenges without fear. With strict attention to each and every detail, we create a disciplined learning environment for children, giving them the opportunity for perfect practice. Perfect practice makes perfect students.

Skill Development

Math is everywhere in the world. Reading is an essential tool to communicate with others. Core subjects like these are engrained into every aspect of our daily lives. They are the tools we use to interact with the world. With absolute mastery of these tools, they can be used to build something greater.

How you learn one thing is how you learn everything. Sapience does not stop at just good enough. We create a sturdy, unshakeable foundation for our students to go out into the world and have the confidence and bravery to make challenging decisions, to achieve greatness, to create something new, and to shape the world to their dreams.

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