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Math Advancement

Sapience Math Advancement & Learning Program

Make math your FRIEND, not your FOE.

Did you know 83% of all school dropouts are due to difficulties with math? How you learn math is how you learn everything. Numbers are everywhere in life, and math is the tool you use to interact with those numbers. That’s why Sapience believes that math shouldn’t be stressful. Our goal is to change students’ mindsets, to use math to make your life easier, not harder.

We've carefully crafted our Math Advancement program to create a solid foundation that builds confidence in students and makes understanding their math classes easier. Like any good builder, we make absolutely sure there are no cracks, gaps, or imperfections in that foundation. An hour of dedicated attention now can prevent a lifetime of difficulty.


Ensure total familiarity with each concept

Personalized program structures means we don’t move on to the next step until we can guarantee complete competence in the current concept.

Create the confidence you need to become fluent in math for everyday life

Math is more than school classes. It exists everywhere, and can be used every day. We train you how to use it to your advantage.

Significantly improve the grades of each student

We work with students so thoroughly that success becomes the only possible option. If there is only one choice, then achieving your goals becomes automatic.

Build a strong foundation to progress smoothly to higher grade levels

We build our students knowledge from the ground up, and it is built it to last forever. That means no shortcuts, no cut corners.

Stay ahead of the curve in school

When you already have mastery of a subject, every school lesson becomes a review, and every test becomes an opportunity to level up your confidence.

Course Feature

A wide variety of materials and topics for all ages and skill levels

Trained teachers and small class sizes ensure personalized attention for each student

Multi-faceted approach to help all different styles of learners, and reinforce concepts from new angles

A flexible schedule that allows everyone to work at their own pace, with as much or as little help as needed

Frequently asked questions

This program is designed to build a strong foundation, and our focus is on grades K-9

Yes! We can help teach the missing fundamentals that often lead to students struggling in their math classes

Yes! Our curriculum spans a wide range of ages and levels, and can help students prepare for the topics they will be encountering in their school classes.

As many as you want! Monthly hours can be spent any time during the month, and our Unlimited program lets students come as often as they would like

Classes are completely flexible and can be scheduled any time our center is open. However, we ask for at least 1 day notice before intended classes so that we can ensure enough teachers are available for your students.

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