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Reading Advancement

Sapience Reading Advancement Program

Make reading INTERESTING, not BORING.

Our Reading Advancement program provides students with a path to improving their reading ability, reading comprehension, and vocabulary development. Consistency in reading is key to a child's confidence and ability in reading, writing, and overall communication. Our goal is to ultimately improve children's relationships with reading through building foundational excellence.

We’ve carefully crafted and collected our Reading Advancement Program to realize that goal. Engaging reading material with comprehension tests after every section makes absolutely sure there are no cracks, gaps, or imperfections in the student's foundational comprehension of the reading material. The time they dedicated to improving their reading in this program will have a lifelong impact


Improved Concentration

Focusing on a story regularly is a good practice for children to develop a good habit of focus and concentration to other forms of media presented to them. They can focus more on school and at home when you give them basic instructions. ​

Improves Memory

A good practice to boost your child's memory is by reading a book. To be able to understand a story, one needs to remember the characters, backgrounds, and other associations and details. All these weave a large story and morale that requires a deeper understanding of the reader. ​

Brain Exercise

Considering reading as a form of exercise is a great start. The more exercise for the brain, the better the child will learn. practice makes perfect. With you children reading more more, they will eventually boost their comprehension and vocabulary. ​ ​

Stay ahead of the curve in school

When you already have mastery of a subject, every school lesson becomes a review, and every test becomes an opportunity to level up your confidence.​

Discover the other parts of the world

It is through reading that children learn about the world-people, places, and events. All these are outside their personal experiences. They get exposed to other ideas and beliefs different from what they're currently exposed to. It opens their mind to other realities than their own. it is without a doubt, the best form of education. ​

Develops and Expands Language skills

Through listening to others as they speak and read, children develop their critical language and enunciation skills. If children spend time reading aloud they will reinforce their language skills. This will also further enhance their vocabulary make them more well-spoken and articulate. If you want your child to learn a new language, reading is vital.​

Boost Critical Thinking Skills

With reading comes comprehension and analytical thinking skills. You predict what's going to happen at the end of the story, thus, challenging your brain to think of other possibilities. ​

Develops Empathy

Reading is also a good way to get in touch with our emotions. When we read a story, we form empathy to characters. The more we know about these emotions and feelings, the better we can relate to other people and empathize with them.​

Develops a good self-image

Poor readers have lower confidence compared to better readers. This can cause students to be isolated and discourage them to participate. ​ ​

Enhances Imagination

While reading, we develop a visual picture. We imagine how the people look like, what's happening with every chapter, and we connect to these characters and events. We link these characters to our own feelings and identify with them.​ ​

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